If you’re frustrated and tired of trying to “figure out” how to navigate health, wellness, healing, weight loss, menopause and everything in between…you’re in the right community.

Welcome to the Women’s Wellness Lounge!

This exclusive wellness community offers a wide variety of female-focused health and wellness topics that educate, inspire and motivate women to create a healthy legacy.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive guidance to women as they experience their feminine evolution through the transformative life-stages.

Our VIP Membership community includes an extensive archive of thoughtfully-curated resources & female-focused wellness tools.

As a member you will experience and receive:

  • Expert Advice & Guidance for Optimal Health and Wellness

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Meet The Founder

Delayna Watkins

Delayna Watkins embraced the desire to care for others at a very early age and followed in her mother’s footsteps to become a registered nurse. While making history in the healthcare industry as a nursing leader, she developed a desire to work with women, so she created the Women’s Wellness Lounge in 2011 which became a huge success in the community.

Recognizing that this concept was effective and changing the lives of women and their family, Delayna expanded the vision with signature programs and products aimed at reducing health disparities due to lack of access or knowledge. As a result, she became a nationally recognized wellness expert and has been able to share her experience on various platforms impacting thousands of women worldwide. This further fueled her drive to make this information accessible to women who desire to embrace a deeper level of health and wellness and are ready to do the work!

The Six Pillars of Successful Healthy Living

Delayna has created successful nationally recognized programs based on these foundational principles.

They are the tools for sustainable health and wellness results.

  • Lifestyle

    The personal steps, actions and strategies you put in place to achieve optimum health across your lifespan. Healthy living is a lifelong journey.

  • Fitness

    It’s not always found in the gym! Make every move count. Physical movement is the key to good health. Being active gives you energy while releasing a feel-good hormone for happiness.

  • Nutrition

    Food is your body’s fuel. Choosing whole, nutritious foods that support your body’s physical function and reduces risk of disease.

  • Mindset

    A healthy mindset involves finding ways to grow from your thoughts instead of letting them control your life. Rather than dwelling on a negative thought until it becomes overwhelming, the healthy mindset empowers you to move beyond that thought or encourages positive change.

  • Awareness

    Right now, it is at this moment you realize your problem or the source of your pain point and begin to seek solutions. You begin to wonder what to do and how will you go about doing it.

  • Readiness

    For most persons, a change in behavior occurs gradually, with moving from being uninterested, unaware or unwilling to make a change, to considering a change, to deciding and preparing to make a change. Genuine, determined action is then taken and, over time, attempts to maintain the new behavior occur.